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Scott Brown – the 41st Vote?

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Update…See Scott Brown – Running down Elitism and the Obama Agenda in a Pickup Truck!

What’s going on in Massachusetts? In one of the most Liberal states in the country a Senate seat vacated by one of the most Liberal Senators of our time is up for grabs. Less than a week away from the special Senate election in Massachusetts, it is a Republican who is making all the noise. If the Democrats can’t hold on to the Senate seat vacated by Ted Kennedy, or if the election is even close, what does it say about the nation’s angst with the liberal trifecta of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid?
The campaign of Scott Brown (@ScottBrownMA on twitter) is creating shockwaves throughout the country. If the GOP can somehow grab one more Senate vote they can begin to slow the agenda of a Congress, which appears increasingly out of touch with ‘We the People’.
While I’ll allow Scott Brown to present his own case for why he is the best candidate, it is clear that placing a check on the far-Left agenda of this President is rapidly becoming a top priority for an increasing number of Americans.

The legislative agenda is staggering. Already we’ve seen the abject lack of transparency coupled with the outright bribes involved in trying to pass a Healthcare reform bill that is unpopular, and only continues to become more so as Americans learn what is proposed. That alone would be sufficient cause to elect a 41st vote that could slow down this out of touch Congress, but wait…there’s more.

Coming down the pipeline are more Bills with thousands of pages of words no one in Congress has even read. The House has already passed a Cap and Trade Bill that would cripple our economy if the Senate were to approve it. Add to that the coming push for some sort of amnesty of illegal aliens, proposed financial regulatory changes, possible limits on free speech, the management of the war on terror, trials for terrorists in the United States, and a myriad of other items yet to be put forth, and it becomes clear that slowing this agenda is of paramount importance to freedom loving Americans.

By November, the damage done may well be irreversible. The Senatorial election in Massachusetts is not only a bellwether for the changing political landscape; it is the last chance to slow the damage this Administration can do with its radical agenda until the November mid-term elections.

Some Resources on the Massachusetts Special Election

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  1. January 15, 2010 at 7:35 am

    I really think Scott Brown can win this!

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