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Most Popular AlinskyDefeater tweets – August 21 Edition

August 21, 2010 4 comments

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“Hope and Change” has devolved into “Lie and Blame”

We have to retweet the tweet to know what’s in it.

It would have been nice if someone in the Press had asked, “Yes, we can do what?” and “What kind of change?”

Calling someone racist: It’s the Progressive ‘get out of logic free’ card

Cloward,Piven,Alinsky,Ayers,Wright,Obama.When your name doesn’t seem out of place on this list – you shouldn’t be President.

I think the only reason Obama went to the Gulf was b/c he thought he could get the oily pelican vote.

Putting an (R) by your name is not sufficient to get my vote. I will only vote for conservatives.

President Obama: If you sought out Marxist professors in college,could you tell us just when it was you renounced Marxism?

Illegal immigrants flocking to 3 states to obtain identification…

Aren’t the Dems the Party of no? They’re still saying no to Bush and he’s not even in office.

Hey Dems: 73 days and we’re gonna party like it’s 1994.

So D is for Drive and R is for Reverse…then when the D drives us in the ditch, put it in R.

The Left: Out of ideas. Out of Hope. Out of Change. Out of time.

MSNBC is still on the air. I know no one cares, but I thought both their viewers deserved some recognition.

Orwellian Obama: We’re told we should fear the Tea Party while Iran develops nuclear weapons.

If you voted for Obama…we forgive you. Provided you promise never to do it again.

Still proud to be an American! Waiting for a Congress and President that feel the same.

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The #OCRA Twitter Hashtag

July 30, 2010 9 comments

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Organized Conservative Resistance Alliance

A Statement of Principles, Goals, and Methodology

To the Left: Before I begin, it is an unfortunate fact of political life in the United States today that you must immediately express in no uncertain terms that you are not an “extremist” if you use the word Conservative. So, let me assure you of a few things:

1. We do not advocate violence of any kind and we soundly renounce and repudiate any who do.
2. We are not racists. This is the first thing that those on the Left of the political scale always throw at Conservative groups, and especially now that we have our first African-American President. We, like so many Americans, celebrate the fact that America has moved so far from the horrible days of slavery that we can have an African-American President. Disagreeing with his policies is not tantamount to racism. We will not even address this spurious charge from here on unless someone who uses our name behaves in a racist manner, in which case we will denounce such words and/or actions.
3. We do not want the President to fail. We do, however want his present policies to fail because we believe they are bad for America.
4. We are not aligned with any political party and we have no sponsors of any kind. We do not explicitly support or endorse any business or corporation. Obviously, we will not deny that the principles of Conservatism have traditionally been the paradigm of the Republican Party, and that most will probably lean towards Republicans over Democrats, but it is the ideas that matter, not the names.
5. We are not advocating anything illegal, immoral, or even disrespectful towards policy makers. It is possible that Alinsky methods could be used against those that use them against us, but we would prefer not to.
6. We are not conspiracy theorists, although we do not try to limit the free exchange of ideas of any kind.
7. We are willing to engage you on policy, but trolls will be blocked, mocked, and/or ridiculed into submission. In our experience, the Left rarely wishes to engage on actual policy and fact checking.
8. On a topical subject: we are not against people having access to healthcare nor are we just opposed to the Administration’s policies just because they are Democrats. We believe improvements can be made to the current system, but that it the limitation of the free market that is causing most of the problems.

A General Statement of Our Beliefs and Vision for America

We believe in Constitutionalism in its strictest sense. We do not espouse a view that the Constitution is a “living” document. We believe our Founding Fathers provided for a way for the Constitution to be changed due to unforeseen times or circumstances, namely Article V of The Constitution of the United States of America. The text of which is shown here:

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AlinskyDefeater Top Tweets of the Week – June 27, 2010

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If you haven’t seen this…you should! Video: Glenn Beck on the History of Communism in the United States… #ocra #tcot

The only people Obama has ever stood up to: Great Britain,Israel,Arizona & the GOP. Dictators? Not so much. #ocra #tcot

OK it was a great prank, but give us our real President now. #ocra #tcot

We won World War 2 and the Cold War. Will we lose it all by not teaching history? #ocra #tcot

“Good Conservatives always pay their bills. And on time. Not like the Socialists who run up other people’s bills.”~Thatcher #ocra #tcot

It’s no wonder Obama needs a teleprompter.No one could be expected to remember that many lies. #ocra #tcot

I guess when Obama gets rid of Arizona he’ll be down to only 56 states. #ocra #tcot #az

Governor Brewer’s letter to President Obama about illegal immigration… #ocra #tcot #az #immigration

#ToGetMyVote You must believe in America instead of expecting America to believe in you. #ocra #tcot

The Obama Administration Lied about Experts’ Opinions on Deep Sea Drilling Moratorium… #ocra #tcot

What the hell? Is Obama declaring war on Arizona? #ocra #tcot #az #immigration

Conservatives dominate new media & social networks.We have to exploit that even more than Obama did! #ocra #tcot

Arizona protects itself b/c the Fed Gov’t won’t.The Obama response? Sue Arizona.#ocra #tcot #immigration

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My Most Popular tweets of the Week – June 19, 2010 Edition

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  • Jimmy Carter: No longer the worst President in modern history. #ocra #tcot
  • What the Federal Gov’t should do, it can’t. What the Federal Gov’t shouldn’t do, it insists upon doing. #ocra #tcot #tlot
  • Obama is a gifted speaker. I know I consider it a gift every time he stops talking. #ocra #tcot
  • Dithering and whining do not an ass-kicker make. #ocra #tcot
  • Obama is inspiring. Look how many people he’s inspiring to vote Republican. #ocra #tcot
  • Do not retweet this.
  • That #hcr bill is so good that Obama still has to campaign for it even AFTER it passed. #ocra #tcot
  • America: Love it or stop being its President. #ocra #tcot
  • Remember when our ancestors bravely sailed the seas to come to a country where they would be taken care of by Gov’t? Oh,wait… #ocra #tcot
  • When Obama sees his reflection,does he bow?He does have a reflection, right? #ocra #tcot
  • Liberals offer a handout to control you.Conservatives offer a hand up to liberate you. #ocra #tcot
  • To all who serve in our military,have served,&  especially to those who gave all -Thank you. #ocra #tcot #military
  • All we heard was “Yes we can”. Turns out, they couldn’t. #ocra #tcot
  • They keep showing that ugly old anti-Semite and they say it’s Helen Thomas. I thought it was Nancy Pelosi with her face relaxed. #ocra #tcot
  • It isn`t that liberals are ignorant. It`s just that they know so much that isn`t so.~Ronald Reagan #ocra #tcot
  • I derive my rights from God and will not relinquish them until I stand before him in judgment. #tcot #ocra
  • When last seen, Obama was at the Mexican border bowing to people as they entered the country illegally. #ocra #tcot
  • We’ll all look back some day and think, “If only Obama had bowed more”. #ocra #tcot #tlot #teaparty #sgp
  • If I was a tweet, would you retweet me?
  • The greatest document in history limited Gov’t & expanded freedom. NOT the other way around.Obey the Constitution. #ocra #tccot
  • Let’s all pause & thank the Press for doing such a bang-up job vetting Obama & covering his Presidency. #ocra #tcot
  • “You cannot permanently help a man by doing for him what he could and should do for himself”~Abraham Lincoln #ocra #tcot
  • When will Jimmy Carter blame his disastrous Presidency on George Bush? #ocra #tcot
  • Obama: If at first you don’t succeed…lie,cheat,bribe,trample the constitution & exploit any available crisis. #ocra #tcot
  • Obama’s Address: You know that crisis I ignored…here’s how I want to use it to push my agenda. #ocra #tcot
  • Obama: You can’t fix the gulf w/ lawyers,czars,academics,and committees. #ocra #tcot
  • Who could have guessed that you need executive experience to lead the Executive branch of the most powerful nation on earth? #ocra #tcot
  • The NOvember of NObama – 136 days and counting. #ocra #tco
  • Arizona: Where we have to protect ourselves from an invasion and the Federal Government. #ocra #tcot
  • I wonder what George Bush will do next to make Obama so incompetent. #ocra #tcot
  • Obama to Arizona: You’ll Hear from us, Either Directly or by way of Ecuadorian TV… #ocra #tcot

My twitter policy by AlinskyDefeater

June 11, 2010 1 comment

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  • I want to follow back as many people as I can, but you have to be a real person and not just trying to sell something.
  • In the past I have failed to follow some people back. I would like to make up for this. Let me know you’re following me and I’m not following back and I will follow you.
  • If you spam my @ page you will be spam blocked.
  • If you stop following me, I will stop following you. Fair  is fair, right?
  • All of these policies are subject to change, especially with twitter making unknown changes but I’ll let you know.

How to find out if someone is following you:  Friend or Follow

Thanks and let’s work our butts off to get America back!

The Alinsky Tactics – Rule by Rule Part 5 – Rule 5

April 26, 2010 38 comments

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“Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.”

“…you do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral arguments.”

– Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

It almost seemed unnecessary to write about the fifth rule because this President and his Administration have used it ad nauseum to the point where a discussion of this tactic almost seemed superfluous, but I will at least hit a few high points, and then move on to the rest of the tactics.

If you want to understand the role that ridicule plays in the Alinsky method, and particularly in the way in which the Obama Administration uses Alinsky, you need look no further than Sarah Palin. From the moment that she was introduced as John McCain’s running mate the Alinsky machine within Obama’s campaign flew into action at full speed to find ways to mock, denigrate, and ridicule her. Obama’s campaign dispatched a slew of vultures to descend on Alaska in an effort to dig dirt, stir trouble, and uncover any malcontent who might have the tiniest bit of salacious information on the Governor.

How Obama used, or rather allowed his campaign personnel to use, rule 5 on Palin is worthy of an entire book so I’ll just hit a few high spots. Perhaps nothing so typified the mockery of Palin as Saturday Night Lives’ treatment of the Alaska Governor. The following clip gives a flavor of how widespread the Palinization was leading up to the 2008 election.

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What can I do to help the Conservative cause?

September 22, 2009 3 comments

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During the 2008 election the Obama campaign staff got thousands of volunteers to help promote him and his ideas online. They also jumped on every perceived misrepresentation of their candidate’s postion.

How did they do this? They used a number of methods including blogs, but one of their simplest and most effective methods was to constantly look for relevant postings and make comments. Many times they would stay on a single site for hours fighting for Obama. Yes, it was irritating, but it was effective.

Admittedly, all of this was before twitter exploded, but we should not miss our opportunity to bring the fight to every possible arena. As Alinsky said, “Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose”.

Different tactics and actions- don’t limit yourself to twitter. You can be very effective by putting thoughtful comments on sites that present a Liberal position. I would encourage you to add comments here if you know of sites where this method can be used effectively.

To get you started, here are a couple: Newsweek and