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RINOs, Pelosi, and the November that will Shape America

June 17, 2010 3 comments

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Nancy Pelosi shares the radical agenda of Barack Obama and we should make no mistake about that. She may diverge from Obama on occasion, but they share the same view that big, intrusive Government is the solution to all that ails us. On a socialist teeter-totter Obama and Pelosi are at eye level.

I know we’ve been begging for real conservatives, and we will continue to do so, but we are at a crossroads in this country, the likes of which we have not faced in recent memory, if at all. We are on a rapid slide towards socialism, and the three most powerful people in Washington D.C., Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are marching towards that goal in lockstep. We have an outside chance of flipping the majority in the Senate, but it is remote. The opportunity we do have is to take the House of Representatives (or is it non-representatives) and change it from blue to red.

Not only does Nancy Pelosi buy into the Obama agenda, but there is something much more dangerous about her – she is very good at her job. She will twist arms, offer bribes, threaten, and do whatever it takes to get the votes to pass massively unpopular legislation. After all, didn’t we just witness that with Health Care reform? If she was incompetent the stakes may not be so high this November, but she is NOT.

Don’t think for a minute that she will show any less resolve than what she shows in the above video to get the rest of the Left’s agenda passed if we give her the chance.

Now comes the part you probably don’t want to hear. We all want conservative candidates. We want fiscal sanity and moral clarity all in a person with the resolve to actually resist the crush of D.C. and its value-destroying, compromise-creating ways, but we’re not all going to get what we want, at least not right now.

When you are left with the choice of a RINO or a Democrat I’m only asking you to ask yourself this one question: Which of these gives us a better chance to survive the Obama Presidency – Speaker Pelosi or Speaker Boehner?

The cost is too high and the risks too great to cry about RINOs once the Primaries are over. Either we take the House out of the control of the Democrats or we face at least two more years of a radically Left-wing, and highly effective Speaker of the House teaming with a radically Left-wing President to shove legislation down our throats – legislation that may make it nearly impossible to even get us back to where we are now.

There will be time in the future to move candidates more towards the positions we all espouse, but when the house is on fire you don’t start straightening up your living room. You put the fire out, and that’s exactly what we have to do this November.

A Conservative Warning: When the Primary is Over, You Only Have One Choice

June 10, 2010 1 comment

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If this is your only choice - is there any doubt?

I would certainly consider myself pretty damn  far to the Right, and anyone who knows anything about me knows I’m no friend of the Left or of the Obama agenda, however occasionally the enemy of the good ends up being the pursuit of the ultimate “Non-Rino”.

All of us on the Right are crying out for true conservatives to represent us – fiscal conservatives with the backbone to stand up in opposition to this progressive charge towards socialism, but when the Primaries end either the conservatives unite or we run the unimaginable risk of allowing Congress to remain in control of a Party bent on the “fundamental transformation of America”. That transformation is away from the free-market, States Rights, and the individual liberties that set apart this exceptional nation.

The Choice is Clear - Even When it isn't.

The Tea Party has made great strides towards forcing the Republican Party to embrace the tenets of fiscal responsibility, a dramatic reduction in the size and intrusiveness of the Federal Government, and a strong and unapologetic defense of our nation against radical Islam. Unfortunately, the clock is ticking, and there plainly is not enough time to win all the minds and hearts of those who now lean middle-Left, but with some persuasion could lean middle-Right.

The consequences of leaving the House in the hands of the Democrats are just too grave to split the hairs we may have the luxury of splitting after the GOP returns to power. When the primary is over – you know the Primary you poured your heart into in order to get a true conservative nominated? When that Primary is over you MUST let it go, and champion the GOP or conservative Independent that has been nominated for the General Election.

The bottom line is this: fight your Primary battles hard, fight for the conservative, move the moderates Right, but above all, when the Primary is over you must find the steadfastness to support the nominee with the same resolve you showed for the candidate who was your first choice.

Leaving the Democrats in control means a tacit endorsement of the Obama agenda that will lead to an overreach so vast that its reversal may well become impracticable. At the risk of acting as the harbinger of America’s utter destruction over the loss of a single election, either we take back the House (and hopefully the Senate) or get ready for Cap and Trade, The Employee Freedom of Choice Act, The Fairness Doctrine, and about thousand other bills designed to take the power away from the private sector and place it squarely in the hands of a centralized Government.

There’s a name for that. What is it again? Oh yeah, socialism.