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The Obama Strategy: If You Can’t Go Through Congress, Go Around Them

December 21, 2010 1 comment

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Barack Obama does not like to take no for an answer. Progressives, in general, are so convinced of their own superincumbent acumen, and equally persuaded of the abject fatuity of anyone to their political Right that they seemingly find a way to justify anything they do as being for our greater good.

And so we find ourselves with the formidable task of somehow stopping this Administration’s end-run around Congress to accomplish what they believe, even if few others do, is right for America.

The threats to our liberty and to the very existence of Constitutional, Congressional oversight are legion, but the mention of a few should be ample motivation for freedom loving Americans to burn up the lines to the White House and their elected representatives – the very representatives who are presently allowing themselves to become obsolete.

Surely with the resounding disapproval by both Congress and the American people Cap and Trade would have to be considered dead, wouldn’t it? One might think so, but there are no failed Obama policies, only the constant creep of Government by unelected bureaucrats who rule by regulation. The threat of the EPA pushing Cap and Trade through regulation is real, so real that a Bill was recently introduced to stop the EPA from doing just that.

What other pet projects of the Left have been dead on arrival at Capitol Hill? You know, the place where people actually have to answer to their constituents (See last November)?

Congress isn’t buying, but the Left longs for a way to control the media. Some would argue that outside of the Fox News Channel and Conservative talk radio that this point might be moot, but they would be forgetting the single greatest weapon we’ve got to preserve our liberties – the Internet. And now they are coming for that. A recent Wall Street Journal article outlines how net neutrality, a concept that has no chance of passing Congress, is in the process of simply being pushed through by regulation.

This is merely the tip of the iceberg. With Obamacare in place, they have established the framework to control who receives what health-care, and dozens of other failed policies are now being pushed by regulation. So much for checks and balances. If we don’t stop it, so much for our freedom.

Contact Congress and the White House today, and demand that unelected bureaucrats not be allowed to legislate by regulation, and that Congress not allow itself to become an anachronism.

Barack Obama’s Six Part Plan to Destroy America

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The longer version of something I’ve been tweeting for many months – Barack Obama’s plan to destroy America:

1.  Bail outs for banks who help him and to control companies.
2.  Socializing medicine.
3.  Controlling the world’s finances through Cap and Trade.
4.  Allowing illegal aliens into America and granting them amnesty for votes.
5.  Giving rights to terrorists and using euphemisms instead of force.
6.  Suppressing free speech at first by threat and joke and then by law.