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AlinskyDefeater Top Tweets of the Week – June 27, 2010

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If you haven’t seen this…you should! Video: Glenn Beck on the History of Communism in the United States… #ocra #tcot

The only people Obama has ever stood up to: Great Britain,Israel,Arizona & the GOP. Dictators? Not so much. #ocra #tcot

OK it was a great prank, but give us our real President now. #ocra #tcot

We won World War 2 and the Cold War. Will we lose it all by not teaching history? #ocra #tcot

“Good Conservatives always pay their bills. And on time. Not like the Socialists who run up other people’s bills.”~Thatcher #ocra #tcot

It’s no wonder Obama needs a teleprompter.No one could be expected to remember that many lies. #ocra #tcot

I guess when Obama gets rid of Arizona he’ll be down to only 56 states. #ocra #tcot #az

Governor Brewer’s letter to President Obama about illegal immigration… #ocra #tcot #az #immigration

#ToGetMyVote You must believe in America instead of expecting America to believe in you. #ocra #tcot

The Obama Administration Lied about Experts’ Opinions on Deep Sea Drilling Moratorium… #ocra #tcot

What the hell? Is Obama declaring war on Arizona? #ocra #tcot #az #immigration

Conservatives dominate new media & social networks.We have to exploit that even more than Obama did! #ocra #tcot

Arizona protects itself b/c the Fed Gov’t won’t.The Obama response? Sue Arizona.#ocra #tcot #immigration

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The Obama Administration Lied about Experts’ Opinions on Deep Sea Drilling Moratorium

June 20, 2010 5 comments

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A six month moratorium on deep-sea drilling after the tragic BP explosion seems logical at first glance, but things are seldom as simple as they seem. There are many reasons to believe that stopping deep-sea drilling is a very bad idea, but even more troubling, the Obama Administration has apparently misrepresented the opinions of the experts they asked for advice on the matter.

In fact, the experts are now claiming that the report was changed AFTER they signed it. That change just happened to be a key component of the Obama political agenda – the addition of a recommendation for a six month moratorium on deep-sea drilling!

In Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar’s report to the President he says,

In compiling the recommendations presented in this report, the Department has drawn from expertise within the Federal Government, academia, professional engineers, industry, and other governments’ regulatory programs. In particular, seven members of the National Academy of Engineering peer reviewed the recommendations in this report.

One of those experts is engineer Ken Arnold. Arnold’s response to Salazar’s and Obama’s claims that the experts supported the moratorium was this…

“We believe as a group that the moratorium as written and as being implemented today actually has the effect of decreasing safety,” Ken Arnold

Experts tell us that if this moratorium continues we will lose the best and most technologically advanced rigs to other countries and getting rigs back will be expensive, time-consuming, and result in getting the least sophisticated rigs back first.

Not only is this moratorium actually less safe than continuing to drill, but the economic ramifications will be immense both for those who rely upon drilling for a living and anyone who buys gas. Additionally, less domestic oil means importing more oil and puts us even further into the grip of OPEC and nations that sponsor terror.

If all this wasn’t enough, perhaps the most startling disclosure is that the Secretary of the Interior changed a document that had already been signed by experts without their knowledge to promote a political position held by the Obama Administration.

It is a sad commentary on the current situation that most of you will not find this surprising. However, we cannot allow the sheer volume of egregious violations to numb us to the rampant corruption in the Obama Administration.

My Most Popular tweets of the Week – June 19, 2010 Edition

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  • Jimmy Carter: No longer the worst President in modern history. #ocra #tcot
  • What the Federal Gov’t should do, it can’t. What the Federal Gov’t shouldn’t do, it insists upon doing. #ocra #tcot #tlot
  • Obama is a gifted speaker. I know I consider it a gift every time he stops talking. #ocra #tcot
  • Dithering and whining do not an ass-kicker make. #ocra #tcot
  • Obama is inspiring. Look how many people he’s inspiring to vote Republican. #ocra #tcot
  • Do not retweet this.
  • That #hcr bill is so good that Obama still has to campaign for it even AFTER it passed. #ocra #tcot
  • America: Love it or stop being its President. #ocra #tcot
  • Remember when our ancestors bravely sailed the seas to come to a country where they would be taken care of by Gov’t? Oh,wait… #ocra #tcot
  • When Obama sees his reflection,does he bow?He does have a reflection, right? #ocra #tcot
  • Liberals offer a handout to control you.Conservatives offer a hand up to liberate you. #ocra #tcot
  • To all who serve in our military,have served,&  especially to those who gave all -Thank you. #ocra #tcot #military
  • All we heard was “Yes we can”. Turns out, they couldn’t. #ocra #tcot
  • They keep showing that ugly old anti-Semite and they say it’s Helen Thomas. I thought it was Nancy Pelosi with her face relaxed. #ocra #tcot
  • It isn`t that liberals are ignorant. It`s just that they know so much that isn`t so.~Ronald Reagan #ocra #tcot
  • I derive my rights from God and will not relinquish them until I stand before him in judgment. #tcot #ocra
  • When last seen, Obama was at the Mexican border bowing to people as they entered the country illegally. #ocra #tcot
  • We’ll all look back some day and think, “If only Obama had bowed more”. #ocra #tcot #tlot #teaparty #sgp
  • If I was a tweet, would you retweet me?
  • The greatest document in history limited Gov’t & expanded freedom. NOT the other way around.Obey the Constitution. #ocra #tccot
  • Let’s all pause & thank the Press for doing such a bang-up job vetting Obama & covering his Presidency. #ocra #tcot
  • “You cannot permanently help a man by doing for him what he could and should do for himself”~Abraham Lincoln #ocra #tcot
  • When will Jimmy Carter blame his disastrous Presidency on George Bush? #ocra #tcot
  • Obama: If at first you don’t succeed…lie,cheat,bribe,trample the constitution & exploit any available crisis. #ocra #tcot
  • Obama’s Address: You know that crisis I ignored…here’s how I want to use it to push my agenda. #ocra #tcot
  • Obama: You can’t fix the gulf w/ lawyers,czars,academics,and committees. #ocra #tcot
  • Who could have guessed that you need executive experience to lead the Executive branch of the most powerful nation on earth? #ocra #tcot
  • The NOvember of NObama – 136 days and counting. #ocra #tco
  • Arizona: Where we have to protect ourselves from an invasion and the Federal Government. #ocra #tcot
  • I wonder what George Bush will do next to make Obama so incompetent. #ocra #tcot
  • Obama to Arizona: You’ll Hear from us, Either Directly or by way of Ecuadorian TV… #ocra #tcot

Obama to Arizona: You’ll hear from us – either directly or by way of Ecuadorian TV

June 17, 2010 8 comments

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The response of the Obama Administration to the crisis here in Arizona is appalling. Drug cartels are terrorizing both sides of the border. Illegal aliens are flooding into and through Arizona with impunity. Human trafficking by Mexican coyotes has made Phoenix number two worldwide in kidnappings, second only to Mexico City. Even our former ineffective Governor and current ineffective Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano has had to admit how bad the problem is.

Arizona begged for help from the Federal Government whose job it is to enforce immigration law. We need the National Guard on the border until the drug wars settle down, we need the fence built,  we need the border secured, and we need workplace enforcement of immigration law. The response – well we’ll let you know when we get one. Apparently, Arizona and securing the border are so irrelevant to the Obama Administration that our Governor was promised word of their intended response, and instead had to discover the news that the Administration intends to sue Arizona over S.B. 1070 over Ecuadorian television!

What’s wrong with this picture?

Plots, plans, and theories abound as to why the Obama Administration seemingly welcomes illegal aliens into the country. In fact, he couldn’t be more accommodating unless he went down to the border himself and bowed to each person who entered our State and our Country illegally. I’m not ruling out this possibility, but the idea of him actually visiting the border does seem unlikely.

I’m not even concerned with the underlying motive at the moment. All I’m concerned with is making it clear to the Obama Administration that if you don’t do your job – we will, and we’ll stand on the tenth Amendment all the way to the Supreme Court. Thankfully, Governor Brewer agrees with this sentiment, and has made it clear. We have a right to protect ourselves and we expect the Federal Government to support us, not sue us.

So it boils down to this: Arizona asked for help, and received none. Arizona then proceeded to try to defend its own borders from a siege of Mexican drug cartels, and Administration officials responded by threatening to sue the us while admitting they hadn’t read the bill, and the President told us that Hispanics will soon not be able to eat ice cream safely in our state. Arizona needed the Federal Government to do its job, and instead they decided to sue us without even letting us know first.

The only things you’ve accomplished so far Mr. President are to ensure that Arizona will remain a red state, and you’ve strengthened our resolve to protect ourselves however we deem necessary.

We asked for help from the Obama Administration and they responded by suing us. It’s time for the nation to stand with Arizona. If they can run roughshod over the tenth Amendment here, your state may be next.

We’re all Arizonans now.

RINOs, Pelosi, and the November that will Shape America

June 17, 2010 3 comments

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Nancy Pelosi shares the radical agenda of Barack Obama and we should make no mistake about that. She may diverge from Obama on occasion, but they share the same view that big, intrusive Government is the solution to all that ails us. On a socialist teeter-totter Obama and Pelosi are at eye level.

I know we’ve been begging for real conservatives, and we will continue to do so, but we are at a crossroads in this country, the likes of which we have not faced in recent memory, if at all. We are on a rapid slide towards socialism, and the three most powerful people in Washington D.C., Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are marching towards that goal in lockstep. We have an outside chance of flipping the majority in the Senate, but it is remote. The opportunity we do have is to take the House of Representatives (or is it non-representatives) and change it from blue to red.

Not only does Nancy Pelosi buy into the Obama agenda, but there is something much more dangerous about her – she is very good at her job. She will twist arms, offer bribes, threaten, and do whatever it takes to get the votes to pass massively unpopular legislation. After all, didn’t we just witness that with Health Care reform? If she was incompetent the stakes may not be so high this November, but she is NOT.

Don’t think for a minute that she will show any less resolve than what she shows in the above video to get the rest of the Left’s agenda passed if we give her the chance.

Now comes the part you probably don’t want to hear. We all want conservative candidates. We want fiscal sanity and moral clarity all in a person with the resolve to actually resist the crush of D.C. and its value-destroying, compromise-creating ways, but we’re not all going to get what we want, at least not right now.

When you are left with the choice of a RINO or a Democrat I’m only asking you to ask yourself this one question: Which of these gives us a better chance to survive the Obama Presidency – Speaker Pelosi or Speaker Boehner?

The cost is too high and the risks too great to cry about RINOs once the Primaries are over. Either we take the House out of the control of the Democrats or we face at least two more years of a radically Left-wing, and highly effective Speaker of the House teaming with a radically Left-wing President to shove legislation down our throats – legislation that may make it nearly impossible to even get us back to where we are now.

There will be time in the future to move candidates more towards the positions we all espouse, but when the house is on fire you don’t start straightening up your living room. You put the fire out, and that’s exactly what we have to do this November.

How to Fix America in Six Simple Steps

June 11, 2010 6 comments

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  1. Obey the Constitution.
  2. Spend less than you take in.
  3. Encourage and support a sensibly regulated and minimally taxed capitalist economy.
  4. Read the Bills.
  5. Enforce the law.
  6. Opt out of the UN.

Contribute. Campaign. Vote.

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My twitter policy by AlinskyDefeater

June 11, 2010 1 comment

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  • I want to follow back as many people as I can, but you have to be a real person and not just trying to sell something.
  • In the past I have failed to follow some people back. I would like to make up for this. Let me know you’re following me and I’m not following back and I will follow you.
  • If you spam my @ page you will be spam blocked.
  • If you stop following me, I will stop following you. Fair  is fair, right?
  • All of these policies are subject to change, especially with twitter making unknown changes but I’ll let you know.

How to find out if someone is following you:  Friend or Follow

Thanks and let’s work our butts off to get America back!

A Conservative Warning: When the Primary is Over, You Only Have One Choice

June 10, 2010 1 comment

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If this is your only choice - is there any doubt?

I would certainly consider myself pretty damn  far to the Right, and anyone who knows anything about me knows I’m no friend of the Left or of the Obama agenda, however occasionally the enemy of the good ends up being the pursuit of the ultimate “Non-Rino”.

All of us on the Right are crying out for true conservatives to represent us – fiscal conservatives with the backbone to stand up in opposition to this progressive charge towards socialism, but when the Primaries end either the conservatives unite or we run the unimaginable risk of allowing Congress to remain in control of a Party bent on the “fundamental transformation of America”. That transformation is away from the free-market, States Rights, and the individual liberties that set apart this exceptional nation.

The Choice is Clear - Even When it isn't.

The Tea Party has made great strides towards forcing the Republican Party to embrace the tenets of fiscal responsibility, a dramatic reduction in the size and intrusiveness of the Federal Government, and a strong and unapologetic defense of our nation against radical Islam. Unfortunately, the clock is ticking, and there plainly is not enough time to win all the minds and hearts of those who now lean middle-Left, but with some persuasion could lean middle-Right.

The consequences of leaving the House in the hands of the Democrats are just too grave to split the hairs we may have the luxury of splitting after the GOP returns to power. When the primary is over – you know the Primary you poured your heart into in order to get a true conservative nominated? When that Primary is over you MUST let it go, and champion the GOP or conservative Independent that has been nominated for the General Election.

The bottom line is this: fight your Primary battles hard, fight for the conservative, move the moderates Right, but above all, when the Primary is over you must find the steadfastness to support the nominee with the same resolve you showed for the candidate who was your first choice.

Leaving the Democrats in control means a tacit endorsement of the Obama agenda that will lead to an overreach so vast that its reversal may well become impracticable. At the risk of acting as the harbinger of America’s utter destruction over the loss of a single election, either we take back the House (and hopefully the Senate) or get ready for Cap and Trade, The Employee Freedom of Choice Act, The Fairness Doctrine, and about thousand other bills designed to take the power away from the private sector and place it squarely in the hands of a centralized Government.

There’s a name for that. What is it again? Oh yeah, socialism.

Barack Obama and the Politics of Crisis

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We all recall the words of the man who allegedly gets naked and pokes Congressmen in the shower when he said of the greatest economic crisis in America since the Great Depression,

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

The President and his chief of staff Rahm Emanuel seem to be joined at the hip when it comes to the idea that addressing the actual crisis is at best secondary to making sure that you maximize the political gain that can be squeezed from the human suffering or ecological calamity of whatever crisis happens to come along.

This helps to explain the response time of Obama to the crises he has faced since taking office. With each crisis, the response time seems to almost come in slow motion. The Christmas day bomber required three days of thought, and some additional golfing, while the oil spill was initially passed off as an inconvenience that would be easily dealt with until the political, and strikingly not the ecological or human, toll was felt. It too, required some additional golf time.

Remember, this is the same man who said at his DNC acceptance speech that we would all look back someday and say that,

“this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal”

And yet his initial detachment from the worst ecological disaster in American history is, to say the least, incongruous and disconcerting.

When the political fallout became apparent, Obama finally attempted to walk the beaches of the Gulf and appear empathetic, but he could not simply leave it at that. Instead, he went to Pittsburgh to address the AFL-CIO and used the opportunity not to ease the worries of a frightened and frustrated nation, but instead he chose that moment to bash Republicans and push for his unpopular Cap and Trade legislation along with a slew of other political objectives including increased regulation and higher taxes.

The pattern only seems to be the repetition of his responses to the crises in Iran, North Korea, and with the Flotilla incident.

His reaction to the shootings at Fort Hood was, without a doubt, the most bizarre and unsettling of all the strange and slow reactions to crises thus far. His first reaction was to admonish us all not to jump to any conclusions that this might somehow be motivated by radical Islam, but that was only the tip of the outlandish iceberg.

His Press Conference about the Fort Hood massacre began not with a solemn homage to the fallen and their families, but instead with some peculiar and almost preternatural shout out to someone in the audience as though he was at a campaign rally or a celebrity event. His curious alienation from the actual emotion of the moment seems to illustrate that he is almost sociopathic in his detachment from the human toll of the crisis itself, and instead he seems to see things only through the prism of his own ideology and agenda.

Mr. President, we need you to lead the country, not just your Party.

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Just so I’m straight on this, the following are NOT good qualifications to be the leader of the free world?

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– Being the most Liberal Senator in the Senate
– Having zero executive experience
– Being an undistinguished, first term Senator
– Listening to a radical preacher for 20 years
– Living your life by Rules for Radicals
– Hanging out with unrepentant terrorists
– Getting sweetheart real estate deals from Chicago crooks

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