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Empty Suit – Obama’s List of Qualifications to be President

August 16, 2010 3 comments

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– Being the most Liberal Senator in the Senate
– Having zero executive experience
– Being an undistinguished, first term Senator
– Listening to a radical preacher for 20 years
– Living your life by Rules for Radicals
– Hanging out with unrepentant terrorists
– Getting sweetheart real estate deals from Chicago crooks

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The Obama Administration Lied about Experts’ Opinions on Deep Sea Drilling Moratorium

June 20, 2010 5 comments

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A six month moratorium on deep-sea drilling after the tragic BP explosion seems logical at first glance, but things are seldom as simple as they seem. There are many reasons to believe that stopping deep-sea drilling is a very bad idea, but even more troubling, the Obama Administration has apparently misrepresented the opinions of the experts they asked for advice on the matter.

In fact, the experts are now claiming that the report was changed AFTER they signed it. That change just happened to be a key component of the Obama political agenda – the addition of a recommendation for a six month moratorium on deep-sea drilling!

In Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar’s report to the President he says,

In compiling the recommendations presented in this report, the Department has drawn from expertise within the Federal Government, academia, professional engineers, industry, and other governments’ regulatory programs. In particular, seven members of the National Academy of Engineering peer reviewed the recommendations in this report.

One of those experts is engineer Ken Arnold. Arnold’s response to Salazar’s and Obama’s claims that the experts supported the moratorium was this…

“We believe as a group that the moratorium as written and as being implemented today actually has the effect of decreasing safety,” Ken Arnold

Experts tell us that if this moratorium continues we will lose the best and most technologically advanced rigs to other countries and getting rigs back will be expensive, time-consuming, and result in getting the least sophisticated rigs back first.

Not only is this moratorium actually less safe than continuing to drill, but the economic ramifications will be immense both for those who rely upon drilling for a living and anyone who buys gas. Additionally, less domestic oil means importing more oil and puts us even further into the grip of OPEC and nations that sponsor terror.

If all this wasn’t enough, perhaps the most startling disclosure is that the Secretary of the Interior changed a document that had already been signed by experts without their knowledge to promote a political position held by the Obama Administration.

It is a sad commentary on the current situation that most of you will not find this surprising. However, we cannot allow the sheer volume of egregious violations to numb us to the rampant corruption in the Obama Administration.