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What’s going on with the plan to contact Congress?

September 26, 2009 Leave a comment

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Over Friday, September 25 and Saturday, Seprember 26 there is an effort to contact Congress and let them know that most people do not want an intrusive Government takeover of health care in this country. Although some suggestions were made on how to tweet Congress, it is a matter of individual effort.

Here is what the Left is doing to try to poison this effort:

  • The original post to encourage Conservatives to contact Congress is here.
  • A plan to thwart Conservative efforts is here.
  • To follow what they are tweeting go here.

The main player on their side is @shoq. He is an alleged member of Organizing For America (OFA). It is a good idea to watch his page, but never trust that what you see is really what is going on!

Here are a few posts from shoq that explain what they are doing:

I warn my friends on the left. We cannot defeat populist movements by wishing them away. We either organize, or perish. #p2

Of course that’s the plan. But you cannot simply yield the playing field either. Quid pro quos yield next-gens. RE

Please note:

  • Do not go by what is on the Left’s page. They often include bad twitter addresses and inaccurate information to fool you.
  • Be original when contacting Congress.When they see the same tweet over and over it looks like astro-turf and they ignore it, or worse view it as a reason to do the opposite.

What can you do:

  • Stay alert to what the left is doing.
  • Do not simply copy and paste your tweets to Congress!!!!!
  • Don’t waste your time arguing with people like shoq or cody_k.
  • For real twitter addresses see this page.

Do not include the @ next to any name of people on the left. Simply list their twitter name without the @ sign in front of it when referring to them.

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