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My twitter policy by AlinskyDefeater

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  • I want to follow back as many people as I can, but you have to be a real person and not just trying to sell something.
  • In the past I have failed to follow some people back. I would like to make up for this. Let me know you’re following me and I’m not following back and I will follow you.
  • If you spam my @ page you will be spam blocked.
  • If you stop following me, I will stop following you. Fair  is fair, right?
  • All of these policies are subject to change, especially with twitter making unknown changes but I’ll let you know.

How to find out if someone is following you:  Friend or Follow

Thanks and let’s work our butts off to get America back!

  1. Monroe
    July 27, 2010 at 7:38 am

    Been following you for very long time gave up on you following me back months & months ago we used to tweet back several times a day since so much many have decided to get with the program rarely even notice your tweets flashing by.

    Anyway, it would be great to have you follow me & I would like to guest blog for you as we head into the home stretch of existence as a Republic unless we pitch a no hitter this Nov No hitter might be the wrong analogy how about a shut out? You get my point its early am give me a break.

    Monroe ~ Up on Sassafras_Knob

    Twitter Address: http://twitter.com/Sassafras_Knob

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